31 May 2010

LTT Memorial Day Questionnaire

Today the lovely UC of @letter2twilight posted a fun questionnaire in lou of a "crappy, not thought-out" letter [her words]...

& I am going to answer it here!

Q: How long have been reading LTT:
A: I think around March or April 2009...

Q: When did you read the Twilight books for the 1st time
A: In November of 2007 I read Twilight in 11hours
I got New Moon & Eclipse for Christmas '07 and finished both in 2.5 days
Then I was at the midnight release of Breaking Dawn:
and read it from 12:45am to 8:45am:
and it is tied with Twilight as my fav

Q: Team Edward or Team Jacob
A: Easypeasy... Edward!

Q: Always?
A: Yes. Unless you consider Team ALICE!

Q: How “out” are you about Twi in your “real life?”
A: Completely. More than I really am... People are always coming up to me to talk about the 'latest news' ... you know the stuff I've known for 4-5days already...

Q: Top 5 people in the Twi world you want to meet the most
Kristen - so if she is really a bitch irl, I can punch her.
Ashley Greene - because I want used to want to be BFFs,
but now I want a pic with Alice!
Chris Weitz to rape him pick his brain for directing advice
Robward Pattinson - obvi!
Duh! Stephenie Meyer

Q: What are you reading? 
A: The last book I was reading this week was "Kill Your Friends"

Q: Do you have Eclipse Plans?
A: Yes. I will be driving down to south Denver since the cinema complex I work at didn't book it!
[Yeah! They are INSANE for not fighting for it...]
And I have since sent an
email to UC & Moon requesting advice from the LTT community about my plans...

Q: Three sentence bio (tell us where you’re from!)
A: I’m a 23 year old, single from Colorado, USA. I love dolphins, music, musical theatre, cinema, cats, my cat Kona, crafting, Twilight, True Blood, most vampire lore in visual media (which all started with Buffy), anything from the mind of Joss Whedon and a whole bunch of other stuff. Oh, and I write this blog!

Q: Random Twilight Fact (about yourself)
A: Until I saw the Eclipse trailer for the first time on a movie screen this last Saturday, I thought I was over it *gasp*

So yeah! That was fun!
Feel free to answer these questions about yourself in the comments!

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  1. Team Alice FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was chatting with a uni friend who said she did a FB quiz and was told she was Bella. I told her I'd rather be Alice. She told me she could totally see me as Alice. I fucking love her for it! I even named my favourite purple satin ballet flats Alive because they reminded me of her. Srsly.


Dude, I totally love you back!