10 May 2010

Tweets Speak Volumes... [February Edition]

...about me as a person.
More than most surveys do:

Watching Criminal Minds reruns per usual... Matthew Gray Gubler & Anton Yelchon!!! I'm in #nerdcrush heaven via txt

I said this today & yesterday too. To myself. #iFate RT @nickithehippie the only thing standing in my way is me. Damnit. via web

I think it may be impossible for me to go anywhere without forgetting something. Ugh
I heart my Tweets.
I don't care how self-centered that is!

ps. Kacey is amazing for letting me borrow her comp while mine is at the computer doctor, aka Geek Squad!
I'll be catching up on a TON of blogs next week...

*Chipotle Counter [25]*

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