20 May 2010

The GrrrFace Venting Post

1) My very expensive computer repair. 

2) Missing my very dead computer. 

3) Having to borrow interwebs/computers from peeps.

4) The billion unread emails/posts/Tweets/linkts etc from not having interwebs.

5) Job searching.. Needing a second job last month.

6) Feeling super fat because I'm failing at this new diet.
7) Not having any new/cool experiences to brag about when catching up with friends...

8) Being alone/single.

9) The internal happy for them/hating them battle over friends engagements & wedding planning.

10) Did I mention 2nd job searching yet?

When you've cut yourself off from ice cream & cookies mostly successfully...
well, I needed to vent. Have a virtual cry.

I'll be way happier when 1-4 are no longer around and I have my computer back.
Want to share in the venting sesh?
What are you just GRFACED about?

*Chipotle Count [25]*

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