02 November 2009

The Return of my Hottie McHotHot

By now all of the Twilight-stalking universe has creamed swooned over the new pictures of Rob from Vanity Fair. YouTube has slide shows set to music... Most of the stalkers fan sites have posted them and/or blogged about them. 

& I HAD to join in!!!

1st up is the Top 4 Swooniest (yeah I just made up a word, what? WHAT!) from the first set that was released:

...now here are the Top 4 Swooniest from the second batch:

& don't ya'll
worry your pretty little faces off!
Here are ALL of the pictures!!!

...hang in there, this will be a LONG one...

*Set 1* 

 I think this is everyone's favorite...

Please, cum come in and make yourself comfy!

Rob: Thinkin' of all the Hot Pockets I can eat after this!

This is post-sex, pre-red carpet Rob, ya know!?

That jacket isn't the only thing that can keep you warm, Rob!

That's right take it off and have a cuddle with me!

O, to be that finger...

Oh, Rob, for you I'll throw in a Stoli with that cuddle!

Dear Rob, There are better rides out there! [Like me!]

Yes, better than Volvo and KStew! [Like me!]
Sorry Volvo.

Have a cuddle with me and we'll drift of into zzzzzs just fine, Rob. Promise!

 Dear Kat, throw in a some Hot Pockets and cigs and you gotta deal!

 *Set 2*

Rob: If this shoot keeps me away from my Kat too long...

...I'll just get grumpier and more angsty...

...maybe I will find helpful tips I can study before I go see Kat...

 Dear Kat, I have memorized all the right moves...

...I've packed all my things...

Srsly, Kat, I'm just waiting for this photo shoot to be over...

Don't they realize who I get to go to after!?!...

 ..just thinking of seeing her makes me nervous!

Dear Rob,
Don't worry, I won't make do the American accent thing...

But you are more than welcome to write me a song!

&& I shall leave you with the funniest from both sets:

How did you like my Vanity Fair breakdown?
What are your takes on these new pics?
Which one is your fav?

& right when I thought I was all swooned out...


THANKS to ROBsessed Blog 1 and 2 for the pictures!
Like ya'll care but Blog 2 has the article...


About 24 hrs after these pictures "leaked" to the interwebs, Vanity Fair asked fans to no post them...
Um, a lil late VF. A lil late. 


  1. Hahaha...loved your captions. And the lobster photos are ridiculous...and yet lovable. :)

  2. i still cant get over the awesomeness that are these photos.

    calgon take me away!!

    loved your break down.


  3. oooh those pics are COMPLETELY swoon-able! and so are your captions! haha :)

  4. Um. I have to be completely honest with you. I don't get the obsession. I loved the Twilight books but hate the movies. He's hot, but he's not my Edward. I'll try not to judge you for it.

  5. Bahaha, its cool Carrie* ... More more me!

    I have been hooked on him since 2005... so basically I was a goner far too long ago to be saved!


Dude, I totally love you back!