25 October 2010

Must. Have. Monday [1]

 There is this awesome blogger out there.
Her name is Alex. Also @alexandriacadyh.
Even though she is super busy now that she's all grown up to 25...
(yesterday was her birthday! wish her a happy one here?)
with a grown up job dealing with other grown ups who aren't very grown up...
She has a super fun blog!

I have stolen a few blog ideas from her in the past
and this is no exception!
I give you my first 
Must. Have. Monday.
*vests & shrugs edition*

[1.] 'Lazerade Roth Vest' from Urban Outfitters
Price: $39.99 on sale!
I love the color, cut and buttons on this vest. I love it!
Plus it is on sale at a much better price. :)

[2.] 'Mossimo Striped Shrug' from Target
Price: $22.99
"If it doesn't button, it isn't a vest" -Me
I know that it is listed as a 'vest' but I consider these 'shrugs'
Anyways, I love the striped casual look these give.
Perfect for fall days when it isn't as crisp outside.
Plus it is pretty inexpensive! Thanks Target!

Price: $92.00 on sale
 I'm totally diggin the long and skinny but still sharp look.
It is super expensive but geeeeez! I want.

[4.] 'Snickerdoodle Vest/Shrug ' from Anthropologie
Price: $49.95 on sale!
 Now normally as much as I love look's from Anthro,
I usually don't think they are worth the mula. This time?
I am crying inside. This vest is so worth it.

Price: $34.99
 This one is beautiful to me. I love how it looks reversible.
Just like Anthro, I sometimes I don't think Mod Cloth
is within my 'budgetary happy place.'

Price: $75.00 on sale
 I love how long this shrug is. And yes, I am fond of stripes!
Too bad that even on sale it is ridiculously not cheap.

[7.] 'Dramaturge Vest ' from Mod Cloth
Price: $64.99
 This. Is. My. Favorite.
I am a cheapskate but GAH!
I'd totally pay for this.
So it is probably a good thing that it is current out-of-stock.

That was equal parts fun & depressing! Heh.
What is on your "must have" list?

ps. Happy Monday!  

p.ss. Thanks for being awesome, Ms Always Alexandria! 

*Chipotle Counter [39.5]*


    1. You are AMAZING. I love this post! I am seriously obsessed with these types of tops.

      I finally convinced my Mama to start sewing them for me so I didn't have to shell out $40-$50 everytime I wanted one!

      Loves it!

    2. The snickerdoodle vest/shrug thing is amazing! (then again, what from Anthro isn't?!) I love these vests.


    Dude, I totally love you back!