16 October 2010

stood up.

Last night I was stood up by a guy I didn't even want to go out with.

This is what my social life has become.

I wanted to see a movie.
Any movie.
I mean I work at the cinema and get free tickets...

And like an idiot I put it up on Facebook.

This kid from h.s. texted me and I had been successfully avoided seeing him irl so far in the 7weeks that I have been living here. And after I had texted nearly every other person in my phone who lives here, I finally texted him back.

But at all costs I did not want this to be a date.

So I gave him a choice between The Town and Life As We Know It
and of course he picked...
because he did want it to be a date.

After telling him that was fine, I also sent a text to confirm which theater I was heading to...
He sent me a text  containing one of my biggest pet peeves:
"where u live?"


So I ran upstairs,
threw on my shoes,
grabbed my purse,
high tailed it over to work
and sent back
"I'm inside with your ticket because it is too cold to wait outside."

And I waited.
And waited.

And bitched to my co-workers how much I wasn't excited to see this movie with him.

And then karma? took its turn.
He never showed.

 I ended up waiting past the 15mins of trailers,
which I love watching,
and 10mins into the movie and nothing.
No call.
No text.
No show.

fast foward to 2am.
"i never found you"


I liked the movie.

 *Chipotle Counter [39.5]*


  1. That's jerky! I'd be pissed off.

  2. Honey don't think of it as you got stood up, think of it as you were saved from what was probably going to be a horrific and completely awkward night from hell. *hugs* This guys is obvi a creeper and it probably wouldn't have ended well.


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