01 January 2011

Challenging Myself in 2011

If you read my tumblr or tweets yesterday,
you know I had a pretty shit day.
But that is past.
I want to look forward.

In 2011,
I want to...

Be more body positive.
I know saying that I want to lose weight seems
like a hypocritical statement after the one above
but mostly I want to do it right.

Share more.
I want to be more faithful to my blog and YouTube.
It might seem ridiculous, but I collect and collect
pictures and footage and then they just sit on
my computer taking of space and are never
actually shared or published. Lame.

Be creative. 
This might sound like a silly one but I want to spend
more of my time being creative. I do spend a lot of time
online and watching TV but I like to  *make* things,
I just tend to forget or get too lazy to actually *do.*

Read more.
You may have noticed the above^ picture in my sidebar -->
Basically,I have challenged myself to read 50 books
and I'll track my progress here on my blog!

Be happier.
I want to remember to recognize the simple
and smaller beautiful parts of life.
Really appreciate them.

*then there is the silly*
On my blog in 2010,
the Chipotle Count will return
and it will be joined by...
Boba Smoothies.
In December, I discovered Boba.
And basically went
Om nom nom nom!

Comment Q:
Do you have any goals for 2011?

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  1. Good luck with your goals though I know you'll rock them and 2011 like it's nobody's biz.
    xoxo ^w^


Dude, I totally love you back!