20 January 2011

The Maze Runner [3/50]

Okay so it's been about a week and a half or so since I finished this book...!

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner #1)
  I finished this book and the next day was at the library looking for a copy of Book 2.
[current status: On hold]

*spoiler free*

I read this book in 3 sittings (only because I had to work).
After finishing it I feel 3 things:
1- The pacing and story-set up was slow to start...
2- BUT if you muscled your way through the introductory section
you get to enter a pretty unique world that is interesting to read about.
& I am really excited to read the next one.
3- I would *so* not make it as a Runner
but at anytime I will accept telepathy-esque abilities.

 aka.*favorite quotes*
 This quote is from the beginning but it certainly sets the tone.
I really liked thinking about tampering with one's mind to remove
memories. But selectively. To remove personal memories but
leave "second nature" memories. Colors. Words. Item names.
Probably a big factor in me liking the book so much.

Comment Questions:
 Have you read this book (or series)? If so, what did you think?
Also feel free to leave any book suggestions in the comments!
Chipotle burritos this year: 3
Boba smoothies this year: 5

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  1. This book made me remember why I love reading. There are so few good books out there these days. This book is one of the few.


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