18 November 2009

An Actual Day in the Life!

SO, those of you who come to my blog and can read...(I know, RUDE Kat RUDE!)... can see that my blog is called A Day in the Life.

DUDE, I dunno if that is what actually ends up on my blog, but it was the cutest name I could think of then...

HONESTLY, if you actually wanted a day in my life, my Twitter is where it is at. I Tweet a LOT!

AND, if you follow my Twitter, you'll know that (1) my brain works on constantly random ways, (2) my personal life is quite the roller coaster right now and (3) I got a lot done on Monday.

THEREFORE, you are getting my day via Tweet!

The background info you need to know is that Sunday night, as I was driving away from work, my truck, Summer, started to act up and the rest of my night went like this:

Radio power fails, I turn on my hazards, my hazards click at half speed, my engine keeps threatening going idle, all warning lights on dashboard begin blinking at me, I make it off the Bypass to King Soopers' gas
, fill my tank, attempt to start car, car battery is died, random girls at gas station let me jump Summer from their car as it is neg 4 outside, my car starts, i keep the radio low and keep all A/C-Heat off, girls drive away, I get back on road to my house, 1/2 way down road my headlights begin to shift in and out, 1/2 from there I lose my headlights and my hazards do not turn on, my roommate is on speaker phone with me in case of full breakdown, my engine keeps threatening going idle again, all warning lights on dashboard blink at me once, I pray out loud to God to just let me make it home, I make it to my street, turn left, make it down street, begin to lose steering power, yank my wheel to bring car in front of house, in front of out at an angle my car dies, I am home.

...So Monday...

[FAIL! After screen capping the above Tweet, I realized I did say Good Morning before...]

Good Morning! Here's to today being a better day, hopefully!
3 Days some hours and some change until New Moon! =D

 Attended class: ck. Caught up on classwork: ck. Make up test: ck.
Walking to UC for lunch and GuiltyOnes organization!

 Lunch: ck. Booking booth at campus tonight: ck.
Heading to Advisor to fight about how I'm not graduating anymore... 

 Appointment set to fight with Advisor tomorrow at 3: ck. 
Appointment to discuss New Moon tomorrow at 1: ck. 

 Currently sitin on a parking lot curb waitin for @Momo330 
to pick me up so we can go deal with my car that wont start...

 Took my car to the shop..Dead battery, dyin alternator. $170 Battery now..
 Goin 2 have 2 figure out where the alternator going 2 come from..

Just so you know I have the most amazing roommate! 
Thanks to @Momo330 for being such a rockstar and being there for me... 

 You know how I am following!? NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!
(@ActuallyNPH) This man makes me wish I was a gay man!
My Emmy Vid: http://is.gd/4WEOx

 !!! 5:20 already!? Getting off Twitter to write my open mic nite speech
about the @springtour, the @denvercenter and being Guilty for SA! 

 #questionsworthasking RT @UnofficialME We wonder if 
@ActuallyNPH is the fastest "verified account" on @twitter ever. 

...I am really bad at staying away from Twitter...

 And then I discovered the Ustream that mySpace had:
live at the #newmoonpremiere

34 Tweets later...

http://is.gd/4WJij ...hm Id have liked to see Dakota
but Ive gotta go be a Guilty One... #newmoonpremiere

 http://is.gd/4WJij ... Srsly Courtney, I want 2 meet u bcome BFF
& b 2nd hand famous like @letter2twilight! #newmoon

First time Twitter has crashed for me all nite! Awesome!

Our table to promote the @springtour =D 

At UNC Open Mic Night promoting @springtour with @sarahFIERCE...!
Heck yes for new @denvercenter fans!

oh dear sweet baby jesus,,, please save my ears. 
this kid sings like Rob in Never Think 
only he doesn't have the voice or the looks.... wtf 

BUT! I must follow up with the #fact 
that everyone else so far has skillz! #openmicnite 

 Her: This song is about those people who think life is all about them... 
Me: (to myself) Nope, life is all about my Twitter! 

...then it became Tuesday...

 Finally off the nervous high I got from my 2min Spring Awakening shpeeal.....
whew. #openmicnite =] The things I do for the @springtour!

 Dear phone, Where did you go? @BittenUsagi is tryin to get a hold of me!!!

Bundled up to go watch the Leonid Meteor Shower with @BittenUsagi 

Yea, @BittenUsagi and I only saw one.. 
RT @jasonmunday well i only saw 1 meteor or shooting star
or something. this meteor shower is a bust!

...then I finally went to sleep around 4am... 

My Spring Awakening Shpeal*

48hrs from now-

-I will be walking out of the movie theatre having just seen

I am a lil excited!

ps. Thanks to Productive Dreams for the TwitBird.


  1. Love the "jazz hands" haha ;) I love how passionate you are about what you love. Even if it is about a dorky Vampire movie (he I joke) Your day is a whole lot busier than mine, makes me feel kind of lazy.

    Dude we are totally celebrating your b-day together! And when I move to Colorado we are going to become best friends. Mmm kk..

  2. Your day was so busy! I wish I had joined Guilty Ones while the show was in Austin, I would have killed for stage seats!

  3. Wow...busy day! I must admit I do love reading your tweets!

    I also wanted to thank you for the super sweet words you have been leaving on my blog! I heart my blog buds big time! xoxo


Dude, I totally love you back!