23 November 2009

Amazing Things

Right now my roommate and I are watching one of the last Dancing with the Stars of the season and I got inspired to post about two amazing things...

...fyi, neither are about Dancing with the Stars...


I got my Esty boots in the mail last week
and totally forgot to post about it!

They are soooo sexy!
I got them from digsofvaudeville on Etsy.


This summer, I saw this movie:


And it was AMAZING!

It recently came out on DVD,
but I'll have to wait 'till X-mas for it...


I did get the Soundtrack at an amazing price!!!

Mostly I got it for the following songs:


[= YEP =]

Oh and I also found a great site.

It is an emo humor web comic
and I find it hilarious!

Here are some of my favorites:

-side note-
If you like these three and go to read the comic...
start at the beginning! There is a plot!


I hope you enjoyed these amazing things!

I promise to see you soon with a post about my New Moon experience!


  1. Um, the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack is TOPS. One of my favorite movie soundtracks. My friend and I are totally going to flash mob to the Hall and Oates song. Well, it's a dream anyway.

  2. I loved (500) Days of Summer so much! Cute boots!


Dude, I totally love you back!