24 November 2009

Not a New Moon Review [yet!]

I got the above graphic from a post Twitarted put up.
But it is a warning that this post is entirely about Twilight: New Moon.

Still here? Nice.

At the beginning of November with only 19ish days to go until New Moon, I made my self a promise to stay pure of all Twilight teasers & "leaks" in order to delay gratification...

But then I accidentally opened a tab of the ghetto of the internet world, aka. mySpace and on the front page they where advertising the new Volturi Featurette on the New Moon page.

So as you can imagine it was all downhill from there...
I am a techie geek at heart and I LOVE Behind-The-Scenes goodies!
So after convincing myself it was okay to look at New Moon technical bits, I clicked away. And who would I be if I didn't screen cap most of it!


the Volturi coven:




From these caps I feel that the larger the star, the better the screen cap.
I tried, man. I tried. But mySpace time-bar slider thingy is not good for screen capping.

other worthy caps:

The Giver:

[Is it just me or has she lost weight since Twilight]

The Directing DILF:

[o, hai Ash!]

Hottie McHotHot:

*le sigh*

The Reason NM Visually Rocks:

Look up: J.J. Marako on IMDB,
he has worked stunts on over 100 movies!!!

I only capped this one as proof...

 ...she always looks pained and angsty.
My Grandma always said something along the lines of:
Don't keep angry face on too long
or it will freeze that way.
k, not exactly that but you get the gist.
I feel that KStew has overdone angst
and now her face is basically frozen that way...


As of yesterday,
I have seen New Moon twice!

I just want to say that the Volturi scene was probably one of my favorite of the whole movie! I was so looking forward to see how the Italy scenes were going to be interpreted and I was not let down!

As far as a New Moon Review...
I want to see it one more time before I say anything.

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  1. New Moon was so good! I am so jel that you get to go see it 3 times. I'm trying to convince someone to go see it with me for a second time!


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