01 November 2009

Halloween with Wednesday Addams

Want a run down of my Halloween?
Too bad.
You are getting one!


On a Saturday morning I woke up at 9:15am!
Ok, for some that's nuthin'...
But for me that is a miracle!

Friday night, I looked everywhere for my needle so I could sew black fabric onto the white and blue flowered footie thing the doll I got to torture... No where. So I woke up early to run to the craft store and corner store with Momo for some last minute things.

I didn't get the dress sewn in time to put the doll in it but I had already painted creepy stuff in black over parts of the doll and used a stray black shoe lace for a noose... So I left for work like that.

I worked from 2-5 since I was sent home early, but I stuck around until 6 since I was the only 'morning' shifter to dress up=( ...and i wanted to see what some of the night staff thought up.

My favorites were Matt as a jedi/sith and Lauren as Elliot Reed from Scrubs. [There were a few categories for dressing up in costume but we don't know the winners yet.]

When I got home, I went straight to work on making a tin foil butcher knife (for Chipotle) and finishing my creepy doll's dress. It took me right up until we left at 8:30 to put the finishing touches to my costume.

Roommate Momo was Eve in the Garden.
I was Wednesday from the Addams Family.

Together we joked that we were dressed up as two different kinds of evil... It was silly of us but in a way it made sense.

First stop was Chipotle!

Srsly, it's like Trick or Treating for big kids!

We got to Chipotle RIGHT on time.
There was a decent line in front of us...
But by the time we got to the part of the line where I got bored and started to take pictures the line was curling around inside and basically ended at the front counter!

We were so happy with our free burritos, that we forgot to take a picture of our bounty and I was more than half done with mine by the time we got to our first party!

Josh(Mo's friend from class)'s party was really chill and we spent the bulk of our night there... But it was super fun and I think that is why I didn't take many pictures there... Other people did, but I'd feel wrong ripping them off their Facebooks...
Or maybe it's because I just sat at the kitchen table for most of the time I was there and stuffed my face. SO.WORTH.IT!

Around 11pm, we left Josh's for The Boys House.
It is called The Boys House because for at least the last 5 years (probably longer) the majority of the house's roommates are made up of musical theatre majors! The reason the party didn't start until 11 was because nearly everyone invited was performing or watching the performance that night and needed time to go home and switch costumes. Although I knew a lot of people I went for Jared =]
He decorated the place and it looked crazy awesome! But mostly I went because Jared said he was going to do Halloween in drag this year and he has never done drag before...!
Here is the only picture I took:

Obvi he changed his mind.
But I LOVE this pic of us anyways!!!

We only stayed at the Boys until a little past midnight since I only knew a few people, Mo didn't really know anyone, and both of us were super tired (cause we are old and lame)... But it was worth it to go at all because I declare:
Theatre kids have the best costumes!!!

I think I was even asleep by 3am for once!

/I plan on making a video about the Trick-or-Treaters who stopped by, since it was quite interesting, and at times creepy. I'll link it and Tweet it when its up./

I hope you had a super Halloween!
I did.

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