24 November 2009

TaylorTot... Am I slowly falling for you!?

It is widely known in the world TwiBubble, that Taylor Lautner was Summits go-to-PR-man/face of Twilight. [Since he is young and eager to please. *cough* thatswhatshesaid *cough*]

And even when NEWS BROKE that you, TaylorTot, were unhappy with just being a piece of hott under-age meat oogled at for your New Moon abs....

...you are still considered the one of the 'Holy Trinity' that is game for anything:

Skip to the last 2mins for AWESOMENESS:

See!? He really is down for anything:

So TaylorTot,

After watching you on Conan, I sent out a Tweet about your jawline...
But it was the fact that you could actually DO IT (catch grapes in your mouth that is) was what I found attractive...

Then I saw the Jimmy video from a LTT post...
In which you are confused at the beginning and get so into it at the end...

 Well I got so into watching these snip-its, I ended up tracking down each full interview online...

And I'm beginning to worry that I truly will become a Mrs. Robinson in the future...

You see I have a rule, in my dating realm:
I am 23, therefore, the youngest I can go is 20!

And I only broke this once when I was 20 and he was 16...

...you see!?

I am already a reformed cradle-robber!

And I just can't have you out there rockin' a sweet suit!

or steamy and sexeh in the rain!

So from now on, if ever I feel a swoon coming on...
I shall force myself to look at the following pictures:

Then convince myself that you are still 8 and not 2.5 months from 18!


Damn it.
I scrolled back up.


Forgive me Father for I have sinned...


  1. So.. this is the first time I've seen either of those. Hilarious. I might love him more than before. I'd go to jail for him. Swoon.

  2. Hahahahha! This post is hilarious. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned..." We can't help it, Taylor is amazing and very hot.

  3. I'm just mad that he was so short when he was supposed to be 6'5" or whatever. But I liked him in New Moon.

  4. This post is awesome. It should be illegal to look that good before the age of 18. 2.5 months couldn't come soon enough. That man is seriously GORGEOUS!


Dude, I totally love you back!