06 April 2010

My Easter Wrap-Up

So "yesterday" was Easter[because I started this at 11:53pm on Monday]and my wonderful family[Daddy, Mum, Brotha & GrandmaGrandma]
hours to take me out to dinner[I drove the 20mins to Loveland to meet them]
because they are awesome!

This is what I wore:
loves it!

This is where we ate:

love the bent fork door handles!

This is the very cool menu:
loves the bent curled fork cover!

This is what I ordered:
loves the french dip with a side of slaw!

This is my surprise dessert:
loves the vanilla bean creme bruleei say it was a surprise because
my family 
never orders dessert!& don't you love that i inhaled halfbefore i remembered my camera

This is my beautiful bestest friend:


also Easter is the end of Lent!& for 40 days & 40 nights
I "gave up" stuff
and this is what actually happened:

#1 I will not bring up Twilight in conversation.
I only slipped up twice in 46 days!

#2 Only 1 piece of chocolate a say.
On 3 separate occasions I caved and gorged!

  #3 No biting my nails!

Now I was feeling a little guilty about breaking my stride 7 times...
but after chatting with Kacey
who is much more Catholic than me
and she said that since between Ash Wed & Easter Sun
sometimes Sundays are considered freebies...

So I only broke once!!!Yes!

Chipotle Counter [21]

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