19 April 2010

Pretty Much Legit

The rundown, so that you were warned:
  • Chloe Moretz is an adorable BAMF!
  • Why Twitter is the bees knees!

So this little indie flick called KICK-ASS came out this weekend.
I went to see it at midnight last night.
it. was. awesome.
not exactly a wholesome flick though, haha[in case you didn't know from the title]

It is well known that I am a geek/nerd/dork... whatever
But I was super excited to dress up for the occasion:
My inspiration was a lil Hit Girl with a lil Alice of Resident Evil & a lil HoN "Tattoos"
[and in none of the pictures can you see my awesome purple leggings that were perfectly color watched. *pout*]

Hit Girl... sounds familiar

"Oh wait! Kat! Do you mean the little sister from (500) Days of Summer!?"


Her name is Chloe Grace Mortez.
and she is basically my new hero!

Srsly. Check out her outfit in the middle! ^
Is she to young to be one of my style icons?
Or I'd at least hire whoever her stylist is!!!

And in KICK-ASS she is funny, adorable & KICKS ASS!
now below is a red-band clip:
warning: gratuitous violence & hardcore swearing

A lot of people are freaking because she was only 11 when she shot this movie, but she is really intelligent and has great comic timing...
Check her clip on Leno. [Even though I am Team CoCo]
*She goes on to talk a little more about meet Daniel Craig in the rest of the episode*
Now after I watched that Leno clip and then the rest of her spot on Leno, I took to Twitter!
And I had been watching KICK-ASS tweets for a few days...
[important: read bottom to top!]
So legit!
oh and...
fyi, this is a family pic

So basically:
    • Chloe Moretz is officially one of my favorites!
      • & Twitter is BOMB.com!

  • *Chipotle Counter [23]*

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