21 April 2010

So Year 24 Begins...

Today is my birthday!
as of 5:47am today I am 24!

This is what I did...
I spent the morning until 3 in my PJs

Watched my The Jane Austen Book Club DVD

Surfed the internet

Watched loads of You Tube videos

Finally showered round 3:30

Curled my hair...

Texted a whole bunch of people to see who was free for dinner

Got dressed

Texted everyone its ok that they had previous plans

Got depressed

Decided to do dinner solo because it would be empowering
(& cause I really liked my outfit)

Drove to Walmart to cash my birthday checks

Answered my phone, talked to best friend Mi Abbia about my dinner plans

Had a break-down in the Walmart parking spot

Drove to Wells Fargo
(because I should have thought of that 1st)

Drove to Asian Cusinse

Ate a delish dinner with Mi Abbia

Walked to the neighboring liquor store with Mi Abbia

Went to Mi Abbia's house

Drank a Mike's Raspberry Margarita /
watched South Park/
cuddled with her orange tabby Stan/
played with her niece Ava

Drove home...
& now I am typing this blog with a glass of wine getting ready to start
City of Ashes

which I was going to take to my solo dinner and start...
It wasn't the best of birthdays.
But I wouldn't trade it because of the great dinner and "after party"

Also, my outfit was really cute
so I am happy I didn't waste it!
boots: Steve Madden $40 on sale
purple tights: Claire's $6
argyle cuff bracelet: Tattered Flower $6.50
grey dress shirt: Rue 21 $5 on sale
earrings: xmas gift from Mum $?
headband: homemade $1+supplies

*Chipotle Counter [23]*

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