11 April 2010


You might have gotten this from the obnoxious title but...I'm MOVING!

I have been trying to motivate myself to pack over the weekend and as I sit on campus, not at home, you probably can tell how well that is going... Then again, I don't have wireless at my current house anymore and I had a whole weekend of blogs to catch up on (
sorry YouTubers, you'll have to wait) because clearly that is the more responsible choice... Drive to campus to surf the web.

Sure tomorrow night I'll have internet again but still...
I'll be unpacking and decorating my new room...
Then packing and unpacking again Tuesday...
Then any last minute packing and cleaning Wed.

So, I am sad so say,
Internet, I just don't have a lot of time for you this week.

And that goes for my bloggy & TweetTweet friends...
I follow a few people to my phone but I feel like I am missing A LOT!

I am getting cold and it is getting dark.
And also I am hungry.

So I am going to go get food and go home and try to motivate myself.

Feel free to txt me (if you have it)
eMail me (if you want my new addy)
and Tweet me, because I'll get to it sooner or later!

Off to Chipotle!

*Chipotle Counter [21]*

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