02 January 2012

The Boyfriend Application Revisited

This time last year I discovered that my most recent ex had gotten engaged on NYE

 I quickly reacted and decided to tell the universe that I deserved a boyfriend at least!

Despite the 2011 Boyfriend Application, I remained single throughout 2011.

Though I am pleased to announce I have agreed to meet someone-
-someone that I (ouch) 'met' on a dating site.

And while I have decided to meet a stranger I share common intrests with,
(in a public area of course)
it has been a year with no results so...
thanks Google!

AGAIN! This is my future boyfriend we're talkin' about!
Like last year, I am not looking for just anyone.

2011 Requirements:
  • Shows off silly faces and lots and lots of smiles from a quality mouth.
  • Rolls down hills at the park with me, allergies and all.
  • Can teach me new things.
  • Not only accepts that I am a nerd, but loves me for it.
  • Supplies adventures!
  • Enough muscle to punch someone for me but not so much that it's gross.
  • Can plan a BOMB.com date but also enjoys a night in on the couch with Chipotle and a movie marathon.
  • Gives great hug.
  • Loves me through my silly addictions.
  • Dances for fun, not to look cool and get gals.
  • Loves conversations with Smartypants Kat and Daft Blonde Kat.
  • Provides opportunities and takes them on as well.
  • Spins me about on the dance floor and in my head.
  • Has "I've been too busy providing for you to shave" scruff sometimes.
  • Sings karaoke with no shame (bonus: no broken eardrums either!)
  • Understands Robin Williams advice from "Good Will Hunting" and make me feel the 'home' that Zach Braff speaks of in "Garden State"

2012 Additions:
  • Has kind eyes.
  • A strong heart.
  • A mesmerizing smile.

&&/or Of Course If You Are:
  • Måns Zelmerlöw. 
  • Garrett Hedlund. 
  • Rob Pattinson.

 So bloggy world, let's try again--
Anybody know my future boyfriend yet?

1 comment:

  1. I've decided that any future BF of mine must accept my fangirling and understand it is part of who I am and it is not something like to change. If he loves Harry Potter, it's a HUGE bonus. If he loves HP AND Hunger Games? Then I think I would have to marry him without hesitation. And name our children Katniss Luna Hermione and Harry Peeta Finnick. Oh, and you know, he has to be kind and stuff. And make me laugh. Funny is SEXY. Oh, and love animals. I've if I'm spoken for, I don't think I can revoke my crazy cat lady status: it's too late for that.


Dude, I totally love you back!