16 January 2012

Things I Think :: 69th Golden Globes

Last night I watched the Golden Globes or 
The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Host: Ricky Gervais!
  • I heart Ricky! Spoiler alert: he wasn't in most of the show!
    At least he is laughing his way to the bank. ;)
  • Johnny Depp, how do you defy age?
  • PSA for Brad Pitt: CUT YOUR HAIRS!
  • Christopher Plummer, oh Captain Von Trapp, my Captain!
  • Ashon cleaned up his face and cut his hair and the world rejoiced!
  • Then there was those mandatory awkward pauses
    because the tech stopped working...
  • Julianne Moore is an adorable woman.
  • Why do I always forget that Kate Winslet is British?
  • Jake Gyllenhaal is attractive. This isn't new news.
  • other stuff happened, people won, I saw more cute black bow ties on!
  • Original Song was all like Elton John vs Madonna. That queen is PISSED. And by queen, I mean Queen Elton!
  • I wish Madonna would pull a Britney-go crazy and a Lohan-lose her career.
  • I am happy Michelle Williams is back in the A-list spotlight; she's lovely and adorable.
  • OH HAI BUFFY! Ohai SMG! Hey, girl, hey!
  • I have been a fan of Peter Dinklage since The Station Agent; so I am happy he won!
  • George Clooney, how are you so silverfoxy?!
  • I heart kids movies! They should win ALL THE AWARDS!
  • I missed a bit over my RAGE BLACKOUT.
  • Awwww Dustin Hoffman, I am sad that you are getting older than silverfoxy.
  • Claire Danes is precious. If anyone was going to take Hugh Dancy off the market, I am happy it was her.
  • You could go swimming in Thomas Jane's dimples.
    Those puppies are deep! 
  • Helen Mirren is the shit. A total bamf.
  • Again, Morgan Freeman is the definition of classy.
  • Oh, RDJ. That is all.
  • Once I could actually see the whole dress, I liked Angelina Jolie's look.
  • Martin Scorsese, when you see the eyebrows first and the bow tie second!
  •  My fingers were crossed for New Girl but I am proud of Modern Family.
  • Sofia Vergara is The Cuteness dressed in Sexy.
  • As someone who didn't know of The Artist until this show, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was ROBBED!
    Love. Him.
  • Another disappoint was Meryl Streep winning for a role that should have been filled by an English actress. On the other hand, at least they didn't cast Madonna. #gag
  • Natalie Portman walking to the wrong mic to present...
    So cute.
  • Then George Clooney and his movie won and I was bored and disappointed again.
So yes... Once again
I watched an award show that was only worth my time because
I had nothing better to do!

Oh well.
I hope you enjoy these pictures of pretty people in expensive clothes anyway!

Ryan says Hey ladies.I say Hey, boy, heyyy!
I leave you with this amazingness:

[images via tumblr]

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  1. I LOVE Ricky Gervais. He cracks me up. I was actually really quite bored with the whole show. Which is sad, because the Globes are usually my favey-faves. Oh well. OH!! Michelle Williams. LOVE. God, she made me cry with that speech. And then I read on Tumblr that she told a reporter that she keeps her hair short because Heath liked it like that and I cried some more. JGL was INCREDIBLE in 50-50. I watched it the other day AFTER the GGs, but I'm sad he didn't win anything - he really was incredible.


Dude, I totally love you back!